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We supply plastic, paper & luxury shopping bags in a wide range of styles.

Using our online quotation tool, you will see a number of the popular styles and there is a summary on each below to help you choose the right bag.

If you would like further information, please call us on 01438 742890 to speak to one of our customer services team.

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Punched Out Handle Bag

Punched Out Handle Bags

The classic shopping bag for high street stores

Flexiloop Handle Bag

Handle Bags

Popular bag with reinforced handles on the inside of the bag

Twisted Handle Paper Bag

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

Thin twisted paper handles available in many colours

Flat Handle Paper Bag

Flat Handle
Paper Bags

Easy to store, lightweight and comfortable to carry

Laminated Bag


Luxury rope & ribbon handled bags for a premium image

Duffle Bag


Also known as drawstring bags, they are popular in retail

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