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Printed Potato Starch Carrier Bags 

A customised potato starch bag is made from 100% compostable material that disintegrates down to just leave carbon dioxide, water and biomass in just under 3 months.

Are you looking for a plastic free carrier bag that offers your customers a fully compostable alternative to their usual options? Our printed potato starch carriers are ideal for eco-friendly shops looking to stand out from the crowd.

Why Choose a Potato starch carrier bag?

A customised potato starch bag is made from 100% compostable material that disintegrates down to just leave carbon dioxide, water and biomass in just under 3 months. 

Each bag can be used added to the garden compost heap, put into the green bin or used inside the food waste caddy.

With a punched out handle and gusset, every bag can be reused with the shoppers home and is perfect for shops looking to provide a unique eco-friendly alternative. 

If you're looking for this new option, potato starch carriers can be ordered in quantities as little as 1000 per order.

What colours can I choose for my potato starch carrier bag?

We offer white bags with printing on 1 or both sides with up to 3 colours, our design team can help you customise your bag to represent your brand.

What sizes are available?

Currently these biodegradable bags are available in 380mm x 450mm.

With the unpredictable UK weather, a potato starch carrier is the ideal solution for any business looking to ensure that their customers purchase survives a rain shower on the way home without using a plastic bag. Many customers are now swapping their plastic bags in favour of these 100% compostable carriers.

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Full Design Service

Full Design Service

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Fast Turnaround & Delivery

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We can hold stock for you

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