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Bag Size Guide

From large to small, we will create the perfect carrier bags to suit your needs. All of our plastic, plastic-free and paper bags are available in a wide range of sizes.

We have provided large bags for homeware stores selling large household goods, toy stores and heavy duty carrier bags for automotive stores. At the opposite end of the scale we have made small bags which have been used for jewellers, goody bags at parties and small vaping products.

Using our online quotation tool, you will see a number of the 'standard sizes' listed. However all of our bags are bespoke so they can be made to your exact specification, in any size required.

Each carrier bags is measured using width, length and bottom gusset and we have provided a couple of examples below to demonstrate this in our size guides.


Carrier Bag Size Guide

Carrier Bag Size Guide

Bag width s 15"
Bag length is 18"
Bag has a bottom gusset of 3"

A = 15" / B = 18" / C = 3"

Size is 15 x 18 + 3

Paper Bag Size Guide

Paper Bag Size Guide

Bag width is 260mm
Bag length is 360mm
Bag has a bottom gusset of 130mm 

A = 260mm / B = 360mm / C = 130mm 

Example Size is 260 x 360 x 130


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