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Retail Printed Paper Bags

Wholesale printed paper bags are perfect for retail businesses that want to make a sustainable and stylish impression.

These versatile bags can be customised to reflect your brand's unique personality, from a simple logo to a full-colour image.

Paper bags are practical, sturdy, and multi-purpose. They can be used for various purposes, from groceries to shopping for clothes. They are also recyclable and biodegradable, making them a sustainable choice for your business.

Available in any size you need and in a range of styles, you can find the perfect paper bag to suit your needs. And with full-colour printing, you can create a bag that reflects your brand's personality and stands out from the competition.

These low-cost bags are the ideal solution for businesses looking for 5000 bags or more; if you are looking for smaller quantities, look at our standard twisted or flat-handled bags or express paper bags, where quantities start at just 100 units.


Retail Printed Paper Bags are wholesale, branded, low-cost solution for higher-volume packaging needs.


Choose from printed twisted paper handle or flat-handled carrier bags

Fully recyclable, practical and sturdy, twisted paper handle bags are popular with many retailers and with this high volume option they are cheaper than ever before. 

Our flat handled paper bags have the handles fixed on the inside; these high quality, eco-friendly kraft bags also provide the ideal option for large-scale promotional events and exhibitions, working well when filled with promotional information and knick-knacks.

They are both exempt from the bag tax, which has helped grow their popularity over the past few years.


What colours can I choose for my retail printed paper carrier bag?

At carrierbags.co.uk, we can create your custom retail paper handle carrier in any colour and design you choose, from a simple single colour which looks great on our brown kraft bags to a full-colour all-over design best applied to our white kraft bags. From complex designs to simple logos, we can ensure your bag provides a professional look and feel that your customers will love.

What sizes are available?

We can customise your printed paper bag to any size, from small bags for food and sandwich shops to standard sizes for clothing stores and larger bags for high-value purchases. Our team of packaging experts will work with you to ensure that your bag meets your specific needs.

We offer minimum order quantities of 5,000 bags, but we can also accommodate smaller orders (if you need less, we have options from 100 with our express printed bags or from 1000 in twisted or flat-handled bags). We also offer stock holding options, so you can always have your bags on hand when needed.

Twisted-handled paper carrier bags have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks partly to a famous Irish fashion retailer that adopted them as their core carrier bag. These bags are strong, sturdy, durable, and can easily carry large items. They are also often reused as wrapping paper, and some stores even offer designs specifically intended for multi-use packaging.

Our large-volume retail option can be customized with any gusset size you choose. We will work with you to create a printed paper bag perfect for your business and your products.

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Full Design Service

Full Design Service

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Fast Turnaround & Delivery

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We can hold stock for you

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