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Organic Canvas Shopping Bag with Long Handles

Our custom organic canvas shopping bags, with long handles, are the ideal environmentally friendly option for your business.

Our custom organic canvas shopping bags, with long handles, are the ideal environmentally friendly option for your business.

  • Environmental - eco-friendly alternative = better for the environment.
  • Durability - Custom Cotton Shopping Bags are durable and can withstand greater weight and long distances.
  • Aesthetics—Fabric bags have a style of their own and are seen as fashionable, so more people choose them for shopping.

Why choose our custom organic canvas shopping bags with long handles?

Bespoke organic canvas shopping bags with long handles can be printed with your brand or logo and are reusable. Customers can reuse their shopping bags hundreds or thousands of times, giving your company colossal exposure.

These custom shopping bags with shorter handles are popular in the retail sector. They are made of 100% organic material. They provide an excellent alternative to plastic bags and, as they are reused over time, have less impact on the environment.

One thing that makes these versatile shopping bags so valuable is the ability to fold them up and pop them into a pocket or handbag. Their lightweight fabric, durable design, and shorter handle make them perfect for many purchases, from food to clothing and books.

Our custom organic canvas shopping bags, with long handles, can be ordered in quantities as low as 100 per order and delivered in as few as 7 -10 days.


What colours can I choose for my printed organic canvas shopping bags with long handles?

The bags are then screen printed with up to 10 colours, but it's also possible to print with full-colour Litho transfers. Ask our team for a quote, and they'll discuss the most cost-effective option to give you the perfect printed shopping bag we know your customers will use repeatedly.

We can print on one or both sides, and no design is too complex or simple—we're here to make your bag how you want it.

Our custom organic canvas shopping bags, with long handles, are also printed in the UK, so they don't have to travel too far to reach their final destination.


Since the introduction of the charge on single-use plastic bags and the overall increased awareness around plastic and the environment, options like these cotton tote bags have grown in popularity. 

A suitable alternative is to provide custom organic canvas shopping bags with long handles. The fibre is soft but extremely strong and durable. The bag is recyclable and biodegradable, and these custom totes are often reused more than any other type of bag.

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Full Design Service

Full Design Service

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Fast Turnaround & Delivery

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We can hold stock for you

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