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Large Printed Carrier Bags

There are a number of reasons you may need to provide large printed carrier bags to your customers. You could sell large products like coats, shoes or household goods; or you could have customers that buy a lot of products at once and don’t want to have to carry a number of bags around.

Get noticed

A massive advantage of having large printed carrier bags is that your bag will be the one that gets noticed on the high street and your branding will be bigger and bolder than the competition. The size of the bag is also a benefit for future use as it makes it practical. Not only is there environmental advantages to the reuse of the bag, but it means it is back out in the public eye for your brand to be seen.

Wide range

We can offer large bags in paper, laminated paper and polythene materials in a number of different styles. We can provide custom punched out handle carrier bags, printed flexiloop bags, printed paper bags and our luxury printed bags can also be made bespoke to the size you require.

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