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Wedding Fairs and Exhibitions

30th April 2024

Brides-to-be love a goody bag.

If you want to give people something they'll remember, a quality luxury printed bag is the ideal packaging for your information and promotional items.

With so many people travelling to events by tube, train, and public transport, ensuring they're armed with carriers featuring your unique branding and messaging is essential for maximising the impact of exhibiting as an event, regardless of size.

An extension of your brand, your branded gift bag should reflect the quality and style of your products and services. Selling on the day? Then, they should ensure they take away packaging that feels as special as the product it contains.

White is undoubtedly the most popular base colour for bags, but that doesn't mean it won't benefit you to stand out from the crowd with a bright or black base. High gloss and hot foil feature heavily on Wedding Fair Promotional Gift Bags and help amplify the feeling of luxury.

Sizes vary depending on the contents, but our expert team are on hand to help you get the perfect specification. Ensuring the bag you receive is as unique as the day they are planning for.

Speak to our team about your promotional wedding fair gift bags today.

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