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Left your carrier bags to the last minute? blog post

8th May 2019

Left your carrier bags to the last minute? Our team can help

If you've left your personalised carrier bag order to the last minute or need more bags in a hurry, our expert team are here to ensure you're not disappointed.

Just a few weeks ago I was visiting a customer at an exhibition. They had a fantastic stand and their products looked brilliant, displayed with great point of sale, however they blushed a little as I approached... they'd forgotten to order their customised bags. 

The team explained that just 10 days ago they realised that they hadn't ordered any bags and at that point they were sure that it would be too late for them to contact us, as they know personalised bags can take over a month to arrive. They also added that a number of customers had mentioned how they were missing the usual bright colourful designed bags that they'd seen at previous exhibitions. It's not the first time that I've heard this, and believe me I understand how easy it is to forget about your carrier bags with so much to organise ahead of an exhibition, but here at CarrierBags.co.uk we relish the challenge. 

With so many different bespoke carrier styles and ranges available, we'll work with you to find something that ensures your customers purchases are protected and you have the perfect bag to represent your company, arriving with you when you need it.

We often get asked if all our bags have the same turnaround time and in truth every type of bag is different and quantity and design can impact our standard times, but I’ve often seen the team pull out all the stops to support a customer because if you’re delighted, then we know we’re doing our job.

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