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Ethical accessory for events, exhibitions & conferences post

5th February 2020

The ethical accessory for events, exhibitions and conferences

With so many industries looking to reduce their plastic use, it’s no surprise that in recent years fabric bags have been showing up at events, exhibitions and conferences in their thousands. Every year we create Bespoke Printed Bags for Events all around the UK and Europe and recognise just how sustainable a marketing tool the branded fabric bag is.

Not only does it allow you to provide your attendees with a gift that has enduring appeal, but it also creates additional sponsorship revenue opportunities. We have a wide range of fabric bags for you to choose from ensuring that you can customise your promotional bag to maximum its value to you and the recipient.

From large Jute and Canvas bags, through to simple but effective promotional tote bags, switching to printed fabric carriers may seem like a small change but it can have big environmental impact. Plus, as an ethical accessory, your brand will receive increased awareness as the bespoke bag travels from place to place on the arm of the attendees. We know how tempting a freebie is, especially when it will relieve the need to carry arms of papers or promotional items around a large hall or on the train home.

Creating promotional bags for events, exhibitions and conferences has never been so simple, whether you are an event organiser looking to sell the space on your bag to sponsors or promote the event itself, or an exhibitor wanting to ensure that you provide a promotional gift that the delegates will love, our team are standing by to ensure that you are delighted with the result.

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