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Are your bags SALE ready? Blog Post

13th November 2019

Are your bags SALE ready?

We know that you're currently right in the midst of your peak trading period, hopefully the tills are ringing and shelves emptying and you're rushed off your feet. In the busyness it's so easy to only focus on the present, but now is the perfect time to order your printed carrier bags featuring your January or post-Christmas sale.

Most of our customers love a good sale and the high street often sees it's largest footfall as the sales get underway, with all of those people bustling about our towns, cities and shopping centres, what better way than to grab their attention than with a bright printed sale carrier bag, emblazoned with your branding and logo. 

With so much competition for your customers spend at this time of year, it's a chance to stand out from the crowd and allow your shoppers to advertise your sale for you as they wonder through the high street with your bags dangling from their arms.

Popular printed sale bag options

With the weather looking somewhat wet and windy, many customers go for our low cost punched out handle plastic bags or our new eco-friendly potato starch bags that are 100% compostable but still provide full waterproof protection for those sale purchases.

The most popular colour for sale carrier bags is definitely 'RED', with pantones including 185C providing the ideal motivation for shoppers as the colour conveys excitment, energy, passion, action and desire - just what we need to stir those high street shoppers into action. Red is the perfect colour to shout, 'shop now' to your customers.


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