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Printed Carrier Bags before Christmas Blog Post

12th November 2019

What are the latest order dates for my Printed Carrier Bags before Christmas?

Things are building and we're hoping that you're finding the gift buying rush beginning to mount as we approach the critical Christmas shopping frenzy. Here at Carrierbags.co.uk we recognise that retailers have so many things to juggle at this time of the year and that ordering your bags may not be at the top of your list so we've created this guide with order lead times for each type of bag and last order dates for those needing delivery before the 25th December.

Order time frame for Plastic Carrier Bags

We can have your plastic carrier bags with you within 2 weeks and our latest order date before Christmas is Friday 13th December. This time frame covers our punched out handle, patch handleflexiloop carriers and printed duffle bags.

Order time frame for Plastic Free Potato Starch Carrier Bags

Like our plastic carrier bags, our potato starch carriers take 2 weeks so again our latest order date pre Christmas is Friday 13th December. This are proving extemely popular this year as the perfect eco-friendly option for environmentaly concious retailers.

Order time frame for Fabric Carrier Bags

Although we can often provide our fabric bags within 7-10 days, Christmas is proving a very busy time so we'd advise leaving 2 weeks and again ordering these before Friday 13th December to ensure deliveries of your cotton shoppersjute and canvas bags arrive in time.

Order time frame for Luxury Carrier Bags

Our luxury gift bags take a little longer to produce so we advice leaving 3 weeks for delivery, our latest order date for these is Tuesday 3rd December to ensure deliveries arrive before Christmas.

Order time frame for Paper Carrier Bags

All of our paper carrier bags have the longest lead time of 4 weeks, so our last order date before the celebrations start is Friday 29th November.


Carrier bag lead times and last order dates

Type of Printed Carrier BagOrder Lead TimeLast Order Date
Plastic Carrier Bags 2 Weeks 13th December
Potato Starch Carrier Bags 2 Weeks 13th December
Fabric Carrier Bags 2 Weeks 13th December
Luxury Gift Bags 3 Weeks 3rd December
Paper Carrier Bags 4 Weeks 29th November


Why our Potato Starch Carrier Bags are the perfect eco-friendly option this Christmas

I hope that you and your business haven't been affected by the recent floods, it's rained cats and dogs over the past few weeks with downpours coming thick and fast and it doesn't show signs of letting up in the coming weeks. Our customers don't want to be arriving home from their shopping trips with soggy purchases so paper carrier bags may or cotton shoppers may not be the best option for this rather wet time of year. Our new line of potato starch carriers provide waterproof protection for precious Christmas gifts and ensure they reach their destination in pristine condition. Your starch bags can be printed with up to 3 colours and can be reinforced with a turn over top to provide a more robust handle for slightly heavier products.

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