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Small Printed Carrier Bags

Here at CarrierBags.co.uk, we understand that the products filling the bags can come in a range of sizes. If you are looking for a bag to hold something a little smaller, we can offer you a range of solutions!

Small and beautiful

If you are looking for a “goody” bag then we would recommend a small printed polythene bag which can be as small as 8x10”. This style of bag are also popular in retail stores that supply smaller products.

Coffee shops and Café’s remain a key part of today’s culture and we have the perfect solution to hand out to your customers. Our flat tape handle paper bags provide practical and attractive option to give out to your customers.

Customised for you

If you want to give your packaging a stylish and premium look then our printed luxury bags are the product for you. They are available in a number of thicknesses and finishes and made bespoke to the exact size you require!

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