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Printed Carrier Bags Your Design Your Way

4th August 2020

Printed Carrier Bags Your Design Your Way

Back in the 1960's Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin created the first printed plastic carrier bag, over the past 60 years that simple bag has evolved into so much more. With a range of materials that include recycled plastic, stone paper and potato starch you can truly have your printed carrier bag, with your unique design, your way.

Classic Printed Plastic Carrier Bags, low cost and available in a wide range of sizes and colours, this is still a popular choice, especially with our British weather. It will keep your customers purchases dry and clean and are 100% recyclable by dropping them in at any major supermarket.

Eco-friendly Printed Paper Carrier Bags, low cost and great for the environment, small range of sizes and colours than the plastic carrier bag but perfect for lighter items, takeaways and artisan stores.

Printed Luxury Bags, available in any size as each bag is completely bespoke to your specification. Lots of extra flourishes available to help your bag leave a lasting impression.

Printed Fabric Carrier Bags, available in jute, canvas and cotton, these printed shopping bags are perfect for ensuring your branded bag is used time and time again. The very small minimum order quantity makes these especially popular for events and product launches.

Printed Potato Starch Bags, perfect for anyone that wants the weatherproof feature of a plastic carrier without using plastic. Our fantastic eco-friendly carriers are 100% compostable and loved by retailers and customers alike.

So, the choice really is down to you, but if you'd like a little help navigating the choices available give our expert team a call today on 01438 742890 and they'll ensure you get the perfect printed carrier for your business.



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