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Exhibitions: What can you put on your bag? Blog Post

24th July 2018

Exhibitions: What can you (or should you) put on your bag?

Are you planning on running a stall at any of the numerous conventions, exhibitions, fetes, fairs and festivals coming up this summer? With hundreds of stalls and businesses promoting themselves at these types of events, you’ll need a way to ensure that you’re not just another face in the crowd and that your potential customers remember you.

What better way to achieve that then by investing in some branded carrier bags for your business?

Branded bags are a simple yet extremely effective way to ensure you stand out in the customers’ minds, and are remembered after the barrage of promotional information that is given out at these events. They’ll walk away with a handy reminder of that stall/company they liked so much, and will have all the information they need to get back in touch and become your next new customer. And once you’ve realised this, the obvious next question is – what do I put on my bags?

First and foremost, your company/brand name. It seems obvious, but it’s essential to ensure that your customers are aware of your brand, and even if they remember nothing else they can always find you through your company name.

Next up would be your brand logo, that icon or artwork that people will, or already do, associate with your brand. It makes the bag more interesting the look at than just some text, and no matter how simple or complex your logo is, CarrierBags.co.uk are here to help your bags stand out no matter what.

Now that the obvious parts are out of the way, it’s always a good idea to consider putting your website and/or social media links on the bags, to ensure that the customer has every possible opportunity to find you online and join your customer base. In a market that is so heavily dependent on the online world, it’s crucial to ensure you have an online presence and can be found by any potential customers.

Whilst you may think all of this is fairly standard stuff, and that if you’ve got it on your bags then so will your competition, and if that’s the case then how will you stand out?  Well, with endless combinations of different materials, colours, prints, handles and textures to choose from, it’s never been easier to personalise your carrier bags and show off your individuality. 

So if you’re planning on exhibiting your business this year and are thinking of all the promotional items you could be giving out, be sure to remember that you’ll need something to put all these goodies in – and nothing is more effective in promoting your brand than customer printed carrier bags. So come talk to the team here at CarrierBags.co.uk today to find out more, we’re always happy to help.

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