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Your bags your way

Printed Carrier Bags Your Design Your Way

Posted on 4th Aug 2020

Printed Carrier Bags may have been around since the 1960's but we've come a long way in a short time. From its limited beginnings, today you really can have your carrier bag design and perform exactly the way you want.

Best carrier bag for the environment blog post image

Which Carrier Bag is Best for the Environment? Blog Post

Posted on 22nd Oct 2019

From a Danish government study to an in-depth article the narrative around the best carrier bags for the environment is far from black and white.

New Sugar Cane Printed Carrier Bag

Printed Carrier Bags A Short History Blog Post

Posted on 21st Oct 2019

Since 1982 carrier bags have been used in retail stores of all sizes around the world, now innovation has provided new materials for the simple bag.

Bespoke printed bag for life

Should you offer a ‘bag for life’? blog post

Posted on 17th Jun 2019

What are the benefits of offering a more durable 'bag for life' carrier from your store and will your customers use them?

our range of printed carrier bags

Why you should consider Printed Carrier Bags? Blog Post

Posted on 4th Feb 2019

Printed carrier bags allow you to put your brand on show, providing your customer with a visual reminder of their experience and purchase.

printed carrier bags for exhibitions

Exhibitions: What can you put on your bag? Blog Post

Posted on 24th Jul 2018

Increase your visibility at exhibitions by investing in some branded carrier bags for your business. Allow your customers to take your logo with them.

recycling carrier bag image

Polythene Carrier Bags and the Environment blog post

Posted on 11th Apr 2018

Are the headlines about polythene products and plastic bags misleading? This infographic helps highlight the facts about recycling and reuse.

Build your brand identity with Printed Mailing Bags image

Build your brand identity with Printed Mailing Bags post

Posted on 2nd Nov 2016

Printed mailing bags allows you to build your brand from the moment the parcel arrives. Mail bags provide protection, security and brand visibility.

'One'derful print! single colour print ideas

'One'derful print! blog post

Posted on 4th Jul 2016

How to achieve a photo quality, printed carrier bag with a single colour. Low cost, high impact plastic carrier bags unique to your business.

I like the look of that carrier bag examples

I like the look of that carrier bag blog post

Posted on 30th Jun 2016

Bags come in all shapes and sizes and if a bag design has caught your eye for a particular reason, then it’s a good reason to take inspiration from it

What does the Carrier Bag Tax mean for you and your business blog post image

What does the Carrier Bag Tax mean for you blog post

Posted on 1st Nov 2015

Read Up On The Rules And Regulations Of The England Plastic Bag Charge And How It Will Affect You And Your Business.

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